Water Storage


Precise Des Water Bladders are used in various commercial applications such as this industrial filtration system. With a new building under construction there was rainwater and groundwater entering the foundations preventing work from continuing. The quality of the water that needed to be pumped out was not up to standard and needed to pass through a filtration system first before being discharged.

The first part of the filtration system was our Water Bladder, the contaminated water was pumped to the Water Bladder where it could be held, before been processed through the filtration system.

The Water Bladder was ideal for this situation in that it was easy to install and to remove once the job was completed to use again in the future, it kept the contaminated water fully enclosed and safe until it was filtered.

Unlike a lined pond or large open tank, the Water Bladder did not capture any unwanted rainwater or need safety type fencing to prevent anyone from falling in.

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