Truck Wash

Truck Wash

With stock trucks capturing all of their stock effluent in tanks fitted to the trucks, and the dump stations located across the country to take the stock effluent, there just remains the job of cleaning the trucks when they return each day. Clean can take up to 2 hours per truck and trailer, with the water and waste needing to be collected and stored, before been irrigated directly to pasture, or transported to nearby land for irrigating.

This particular system involves the stock effluent from the truck going directly to a weeping wall. The liquid part of this is then pumped to the Vortex Bladder for storage, whilst the solids remain in the weeping wall, the solids include sand, grit, and stones.

Tankers are then used to clean out the weeping wall and Vortex Bladder, before been taken off site.

The key areas with this design is having enough storage to avoid having to irrigate to land over a certain time of the year and when conditions are not suitable, been capable of receiving large volumes of liquid and solids per hour when multiple trucks are washed, and to minimising unwanted solids entering the Vortex Bladder.

This Vortex Bladder has a central drainage system, along with a large number of stirring points to help clean the bladder when required, exactly like our dairy effluent bladders.

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