Dave Treloars


Tirohanga, Waikato


1200m3 Vortex Bladder

Dave Treloars 700 cow farm

700 Cow Dairy Farm Tirohanga/Waikato

What Dave Wanted
Dave was looking to upgrade his dairy effluent system which included enough dairy effluent storage for his 700 cow farm near Tirohanga at  Atiamuri in the Waikato.

Dave was keen to avoid irrigating when conditions are not suitable, and to be able to meet the requirements of the Waikato Regional Council. Dave was also keen to upgrade any other areas dairy effluent wise that may have needed it.

What Dave Thinks About His New Dairy Effluent System
“I’m really pleased with my Vortex Bladder and what I have now, I only irrigate when I want to, and my irrigator is fair flying”.

What Dave Thinks About the Guys at Precise DE
“They are good bastards to deal with”.

Solution/Key Changes
We completed a Dairy Effluent Storage Calculator that indicated a storage volume of just over 900m3 was required, based on using a 1000m3 Precise DE Vortex Dairy Effluent Bladder.
Dave decided to opt for a 1200m3 Vortex Bladder to ensure he had plenty of storage.
In addition to this Dave installed another stonetrap to further filter the solids, and also installed a 22m3 per hour Precise DE Bellin PC pump to pump to his irrigator.
The Vortex Bladder is gravity fed from the 2 stonetraps that are located 8 metres above the bladder with all of the pumping now done from the Vortex Bladder when conditions are suitable, with his old concrete tank been bi-passed.

Farm Details

  • Herd Size: 700
  • Annual Rainfall: 1347mm
  • Soil Risk: Low risk, and some high risk due to contour. Sandy loam over loam
  • Rotary Milking Shed
  • Existing Dairy Effluent Farm Infrastructure was: 22,000 litre concrete tank, pump on a pontoon in the tank, irrigation line, travelling irrigator

Key Products Supplied & Recommended

  • 1200m3 Precise DE Vortex Bladder
  • Vortex Bladder PTO stirrer
  • Changing the pump to a shorebased 22/100 Bellin PC pump located by the bladder, to get consistent volumes and pressures over the rolling contour and length of the irrigation area, and to get consistent performance from the irrigation equipment
  • A second stonetrap to capture more sediment, with an 8 metre fall to the Vortex Bladder with the concrete tank been completely bi-passed

Key Services Supplied

  • Advice and design
  • Completion of a Dairy Effluent Storage Calculator
  • Onsite supervision of the installation of the storage bladder
  • Supply of product
  • Post installation visits
A 1200m3 Vortex Bladder™ with a Bellin 22/100 PC pump drawing from the centre of the bladder, to pump to pasture - Tokoroa

1200m3 Storage Bladder, with a Bellin 22/100 PC pump drawing from the centre of the bladder, to pump to pasture

1200m3 Vortex Bladder ™with a PTO Stirring/Vortex Solution -Tokoroa

The PTO stirrer that Dave uses from time to time to keep the solids moving to the central drain hole.

The 22m3/100 metre head Bellin PC Pump that draws from the Vortex Bladder before sending the dairy effluent to a travelling irrigator.

The double stonetrap that helps to maximise the amount of solids that are removed from the dairy effluent.

The 1200m3 Vortex Bladder fully fenced sitting on a 100mm soft fill base, with a central drainhole leading to the 22m3 Bellin PC pump.