Water Storage

Kiwi Fruit Orchard

Precise DE Water Bladders are used in the Kiwi Fruit industry, in this case for frost protection.

On this particular orchard a 600m3 Water Bladder was installed. This is filled from a nearby water way using a submersible pump that is sensor controlled to start when the minimum level is reached in the Water Bladder. With consent restrictions on the volumes drawn per minute from the waterway, these sensors were critical to maintaining the desired storage volumes required for the frost protection to work effectively, as was the initial sizing of the Water Bladder.

A PTO pump is used to send the water to the orchard where volumes of 60m3 per hour are required. The pump will have an auto start and shutoff installed, in conjunction with the motor used to power it.

High and low height alarms are to be installed to monitor the height of the water bladder, this is to ensure that it is never overfilled, or allowed to remain empty.

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