Lined ponds can be a viable option when looking for storage. The most common are in-ground ponds, however in some situations lined ponds are required to be built above ground due to site conditions such as high water tables and/or soil type (peat). We can provide you with sizing options, the pros and cons of lined ponds, and information on all the areas you need to consider when going with a lined pond. Whilst more expensive than an in-ground pond, this can still be competitive to other storage solutions, we can assist with evaluating the best option for your farm and talk you through the pros and cons of each.

There are typically two main types of liners, that is EPDM (sometimes referred to as “rubber” which is not technically correct), and HDPE (sometimes referred to as “plastic”). Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but it is important to understand them and how they relate to your application. This is where we can help you to ensure that you choose the right option, and also use the best suppliers and installers available.