Water Storage


With water playing an integral part in the success of any nursey it was determined that two of our Water Bladders would be needed for this particular operation.

As the nursery had two distinct areas it was seen as important to provide a readily available source of water at each of the locations, even though they were both on the same property. It also helped to minimise risk if one water bladder had not filled.

With limitations as to how much water the nursery could draw from a local water source per hour, and at particular times of the day, the solution to having enough water for the operation to use both in terms of volume and rate per hour for irrigation was to be able to pump to the water bladders at low volumes per hour to create enough volume, then to irrigate from the water bladders when needed at high volumes per hour.

The result was a nursery with enough water to sustain the health of the plants and the business.