Our Italian made submersible stirrers provide our customers with high quality, extremely durable and affordable stirring solutions for ponds and tanks. These market leading stirrers are designed to handle dairy effluent and slurries, which make them ideal for NZ conditions.

We don’t just sell the stirrers, we can also help you to select the correct size stirrer, and where to position them to get the maximum performance from them.
We also offer a range of winch systems for the stirrers, for both ponds and tanks.
Every stirrer comes with an Operations Manual, Safety recommendations, and wiring diagrams.

Some of the advantages of these submersible stirrers are:

  • There is no noise when they are operating, you cant hear them operating all over the farm like other stirring systems
  • They are very energy efficient
  • They can sit right at the bottom of the tank or pond stirring up the bottom where the solids sit