Benefits of the Vortex Bladders™

  • Extremely well priced
  • The only bladder/flexible tank supplier to offer an effective and hassle free solution to removing solids from the bladder with our central drain hole. This allows the vortexing of the liquid to drive the solids to the centre of the bladder where the drain hole is
  • You get expert advice on sizing your storage, and how to get your storage bladder to work effectively with what you have already, as we are experts in “anything and everything dairy effluent” and are “Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited”we are not just a supplier of bladders/flexible tanks
  • 100% made in France using European Textiles, ISO 9001-2015 version approved
  • The very latest pretensioned fibre reinforced fabric delivering extra strength, no stretch, and reduced weight

Our Vortex Bladders™ make removing solids easy

We are the  only bladder/flexible tank supplier currently to offer an effective solution to removing solids from the water bladder. We have developed the Vortex Bladder™ with help from RCY in France, and worked on the installation and base requirements to address what is already an issue with other bladders here in NZ that draw the liquid from outlets around the sides of the bladder. Heres what we offer.

  • A central drain hole in the bottom of the bladder makes it easy to drain the bladder out completely.
  • Installing the bladder onto a concaved rather than a flat sand base which helps to gravitate solids and liquid to the central drain hole.
  • Then by creating a vortexing motion of the liquid and solids within the Vortex Bladder the solids are driven to the centre of the bladder where the drain hole is. This only needs to be done periodically and not every time you pump from the bladder

This combination is a very effective way of addressing the build-up of solids that will occur without an effective method of removal.

Why consider a Vortex Bladder™/Flexible Tank to store your dairy effluent?

  • In high rainfall areas they eliminate capturing unwanted rain water, reducing the amount of storage you need
  • They are quick and easy to install, and don’t require major civil engineering work
  • Cost competitive to pond construction on difficult soils such as peat
  • You can install them on peat, with very little earth and preparation work
  • They are easy to shift to another location if required
  • They are safe, there’s no risk of anyone falling in
  • Eliminates unwanted odours
  • Retains all of the valuable nitrogen, rather than losing it into the atmosphere

We can also supply storage bladders/flexible tanks that are suitable to store water, fuel, other liquids, and the transportation of wine.
These UV protected flexible tanks are 100% made in France by our French manufacturer RCY who have over 80 years of experience in the industry, and are also covered by a 10 year pro rata guarantee  giving reassurance and peace of mind.

Selecting the right storage option and size is essential to avoid costly mistakes.