Brian Nicholson

“I work hard to get it done right, first time”
Brian is recognised and renowned as an expert in the dairy effluent industry. His friendly demeanour combined with his passion for the agriculture sector and dairy effluent industry helps to deliver what his customers want. He is about getting it right for them, first time.
Being actively involved in the design of 100’s of dairy effluent systems across New Zealand and abroad, Brian also has specialist knowledge in project management, and the development and supply of fit for purpose dairy effluent equipment.
Over the years Brian has volunteered much of his time into the industry as a whole.  Involved in numerous projects such as;

-Participating in the development of the ‘Code of Practice’ and ‘Design Standards’ for Dairy Effluent systems; “A farmers guide to building a new effluent storage pond” and “Farm Dairy Effluent Pond Design and Construction” Practice Note 21.

-Educating the public in partnership with the Waikato Regional Council producing a monthly article ‘Muck Matters’ for the Waikato Farming market – specifically covering Dairy Effluent.

-Supporting DairyNZ and Regional Council’s at various fieldays events providing advice and tailoring solutions to farmer enquiries.

-Massey University-Farm Dairy Effluent: System Design and Management
-Farm Dairy Effluent Pond Design and Pond Construction (Infratrain)
-Various Technical pump qualifications.

With a flawless combination of experience, passion and expertise you can trust Brian to get the job done right first time.